Facebook Reality Lab aka Oculus Research und die zukünftigen Pläne mit VR

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  1. Ich hab den Schweißmief auf Arbeit und beim Sport - den WILL ich Zuhause nicht auch noch haben. Da STELL ICH MICH AN! :D
  2. Kleines Oculus Research Spotlight:

    Meet the Team Behind Focal Surface Displays
    von Oculus Blog
    Last week, we shared Oculus Research’s recent work on focal surface displays, which will be presented at SIGGRAPH 2017. Today, we’ll take you behind the scenes with the team who made it possible.

    When Nathan Matsuda first joined forces with Oculus Research Scientists Alexander Fix and Douglas Lanman, little did the team know that the research project they were about to embark upon would span two years. For Lanman, who doubles as the computational imaging lead, that makes it one of the longest-running projects in his career as a professional researcher—not that he was particularly surprised.
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  3. Interessante Videos von Oculus.

    Hier noch eine Umfangreiche PDF über das Thema:
    Fast Gaze-Contingent Optimal Decompositions for Multifocal Displays

    Multifocal displays require a decomposition of the scene onto the display planes, which often assumes perfect alignment of the viewer with the system. Otherwise, parallax introduced by eye rotation and head offsets relative to the display may result in misregistration between the images, creating halos andincreasing blurriness. Weiterlesen →
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  5. Artikel von RoadtoVR, was sind eure Meinungen, der Hype oder lediglich kalter Kaffee (Leap Motion VR) ?

    Oculus Claims Breakthrough in Hand-tracking Accuracy
    One of Facebook’s underlying goals for VR is to use it as a means of connecting distant people. While today friends can talk and play in a range of social VR applications, including Facebook Spaces, the representation of users in VR is still a caricature at best. At F8 this week, Oculus showed work being done on hand-tracking to bring more intuitive control and accurate avatars into VR. Weiterlesen →
    ToM gefällt das.
  6. Laut Business Insider diverse Umstrukturierungen in der AR-Abteilung bei Facebook.

    Facebook is restructuring its augmented-reality glasses division as it inches closer to launch

    Facebook is restructuring its efforts to build futuristic glasses as the company's augmented-reality efforts inch closer toward the launch of a commercial product.

    The Silicon Valley tech giant has moved hundreds of employees from its research-focused unit Facebook Reality Labs to a new standalone product team focused on AR, Business Insider has learned. Weiterlesen →
  7. Interessant ob es sich um den Half-Dome Prototyp handelt?
    Timeline 5:22 Facebook/Oculus - 180° FoV, Eyetracking, Foveated Rendering, jedoch so groß wie eine Sonnenbrille. :eek:

    Sehe gerade, bereits ein Jahr alt das Video. :notworthy:
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    ToM gefällt das.

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