FluidCast VR Opening Texas-Based Virtual Reality Studio

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  1. Everything is bigger in Texas - especially the future of virtual reality production.


    FluidCast Technologies, a provider of the FluidCast Video Cloud Platform and FluidCast VR, may be based in California, but is setting its sights on the LoneStateState for its next big move in virtual reality.

    On Thursday, the virtual reality production company announced the launch of a new partnership with Beacon's Hill Recording Studios of El Paso, Texas. The El Paso market is one of the world's leading companies.

    Claudio Lai, CEO of FluidCast Technologies, is an eager to focus on the Texas marketplace for virtual reality.

    "This new partnership will bring a brand new level of 360 VR and 360 3D VR production technology and expertise to El Paso, Texas," Lai says.

    To learn more about the studio (called Beacon Hill VR), check out the studio's freshly launched website.

    For complete information, please visit: http://fluidcastvr.com/ and http://www.fluidcast.net

    Fluid Cast Technologies
    Contact Person: Claudio Lai
    Email: clai@fluidcast.net
    Phone: (408) 831-2278
    City / State San Hose, California
    Country: United States
    website: http://fluidcastvr.com

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