Fortbewegung / Locomotion in VR

Dieses Thema im Forum "VR Entwicklung" wurde erstellt von Marcus, 23. Januar 2016.

  1. Interessante Studie vom BMC (BioMed Central), welche das ganze etwas aus einer anderen Sichtweise betrachtet.

    Locomotor skill acquisition in virtual reality shows sustained transfer to the real world

    Virtual reality (VR) is a potentially promising tool for enhancing real-world locomotion in individuals with mobility impairment through its ability to provide personalized performance feedback and simulate real-world challenges. However, it is unknown whether novel locomotor skills learned in VR show sustained transfer to the real world. Here, as an initial step towards developing a VR-based clinical intervention, we study how young adults learn and transfer a treadmill-based virtual obstacle negotiation skill to the real world. Weiterlesen →

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