HTC Streamlink - VR-Kinomodus

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  1. Laut Engadget wird es für das HTC-Ecosystem einen Streamlink geben, womit ihr z.B. die HTC Vive Focus Plus oder jedes erdenkliche HTC-HMD mit z.B einer xBox One/PS4/Switch betreiben könnt (VR-Screen).

    HTC Streamlink turns VR headsets into big screens for console gaming

    But you'll need your own USB video capture card. One surprise announcement coming out of today's Vive Ecosystem Conference in Shenzhen is HTC's Streamlink, an in-house VR app that lets your PC-powered or standalone Vive headset -- like the new Vive Focus Plus -- receive HDMI signal from any USB video capture card -- some of which can be bought for as low as $65 per piece in China, according to an HTC rep. There are many potential use cases here, of course, but HTC is specifically pitching this as a new way of playing games on your consoles -- namely PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One S -- as well as watching videos from your set-top box. Weiterlesen →

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