JetSeat für Flugsim

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  1. Ok das die Keys versand werden erfolgt wohl bald , aber es wird eine alternativ Software (Simhub) angeboten
    @edit: benötigt Registrierung auf der Seite und ist auch nicht umsonst, Demoversion probieren ich die tage

    Dear Sashmigo,

    We are preparing a new portal these days to ease the process of the SimShaker license keys distribution. The result will be to make the delivery of the serial codes instant. We would like to ask for your patience as we get busier coming up to the license key activations, which is done manually.

    Our approach is to keep the ForceFeel as open to other software platforms as much as possible.

    We are newly cooperating with the developers of SimHub/ShakeIt software, an alternative to SimShaker, which will make ForceFeel compatible with all racing games supported by the current ShakeIt plugin. The supported effects varies depending on the game's telemetry.

    The software will be available within the ForceFeel's Standard Edition.
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    axacuatl gefällt das.

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