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Jurassic Dino VR

Dieses Thema im Forum "VR Spiele & Experiences" wurde erstellt von SolKutTeR, 31. August 2016.

  1. [​IMG]
    Jurassic Dino VR von Viriver Network Technology Co., Ltd.
    Gerade im Steam Greenlight Programm drüber gestolpert, kommt von dem Entwickler von Cosmos Crash VR.
    Das ganze soll im dritten Quartal 2016 veröffentlicht werden.

    "Jurassic Dino" is an experiential virtual reality game. After entering the game, the players will find themselves trapped in the jeep that is broken down. Exposed in the primeval forest, the players do not know that an ancient behemoth is coming. "Jurassic Dino" is developed by the Unreal Engine, we try to make the players experiencing a real sense of fear while encountering with the beast by combination of the sound、the light and the visual effects.

    Although the current duration is not long, we will add more interactive content as soon as possible, and we hope to tell a true story by the way of virtual reality.