Phantom Covert Ops - Stealth Has Evolved

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  1. Neues Spiel der Bloody Zombies und The Assembly Machern, nDreams.
    Release 2019 exklusiv als Rift, Rift S und Quest Kompilierung.

    Phantom Covert Ops
    von nDreams
    Hier ein erster Quest Teaser:

    Hier noch der aktuelle nDreams Blog-Beitrag:
    Phantom: Covert Ops Revealed
    After having to hide what we’ve been up to in the shadows for what feels like forever, we are ecstatic to finally unveil our new game – Phantom: Covert Ops. Created in close partnership with our friends at Oculus Studios, the stealth action title immerses you in the role of an elite and deadly covert operative dispatched into remote, hostile wetlands in a military kayak. It’s bigger than anything we’ve worked on before and is a true step up in terms of scale and scope. Our unique, water-borne take on the espionage action genre is coming to Oculus Quest and Rift platforms later this year. Weiterlesen →
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  2. Erstes Hands-On von RoadtoVR.

    Hands-on: ‘Phantom: Covert Ops’ Boasts Smart VR Design and Big Potential
    At E3 2019 this week, I got a chance to go hands-on with Phantom: Covert Ops, an Oculus Studios exclusive in development by nDreams. The game plays out over the course of a single night, and follows a special operative as they infiltrate a facility in a tactical kayak. While the kayak part sounds just a little ridiculous, it’s actually a genius bit of VR design which affords the game an immersive locomotion and interaction system that has huge potential. Weiterlesen →
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  3. Moin, habe "Phantom: Cover Ops" auf der Quest angeschaut ...das Oculus exklusive "Kanu - Metal Gear Solid " schleich Spiel, das bei nDreams gerade in der Mache ist. ✌️✌️ ... konnte n ersten Tutorial Level spielen.

  4. Interessieren würde mich ja mal die Rift-version, aber wahrscheinlich wird es zeitversetzt zur Quest kommen.

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