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Projekt - Half Dome / Varifocal

Dieses Thema im Forum "Meta Oculus" wurde erstellt von Pulverdings, 2. Mai 2018.

  1. Neuer Oculus-Blogbeitrag, mit Interessanten Einblicken.

    Introducing the Team Behind Half Dome - Facebook Reality Labs’ Varifocal Prototype
    At this year’s F8, Oculus Head of Product Management Maria Fernandez Guajardo gave attendees a sneak peek at Half Dome—a prototype headset that incorporates earlier research on varifocal displays and some preliminary perceptual testbed findings with a wider field of view in an ergonomic form factor. Earlier this week, Facebook Reality Labs Director of Computational Imaging Douglas Lanman delivered a keynote at SID Display Week in Los Angeles, where he explained how these varifocal technologies matured over a three-year period. Today, we’re excited to share that story with the Oculus community. Weiterlesen →
    ToM gefällt das.
  2. Half Dome mit 4K Panels und einem Fov von 140°?
    (Artikel stammt von UploadVR.)

    OC5: 4K Oculus Half Dome Prototype Would Be ‘Straightforward’

    According to Oculus’ Michael Abrash, fitting the company’s new Half Dome prototype with 4K displays would be “straightforward”.

    Abrash said as much during his keynote speech at Oculus Connect 5 today. He explained that the current Half Dome prototype, which made its debut at F8 earlier this year, has a resolution “roughly” the same as the Rift. He later added that “4K panels that would provide 30 pixels per degree over a 140 degree field of view have already been shown publicly, and using one in Half Dome would be straightforward.”
    Weiterlesen →
    Sashmigo, ToM und TupacVR gefällt das.