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VirZOOM - VR die Sportlich macht

Dieses Thema im Forum "VR Motion und Laufbänder" wurde erstellt von SolKutTeR, 14. Juni 2016.

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    VirZOOM & VirZOOM Arcade (Steam)

    VirZOOM Arcade is free to play with your VirZOOM gaming controller. Integrated sensors in the folding x-bike controller track pedaling speed and direction - the faster you pedal in the real world, the faster you move through the games! Action buttons, triggers and d-pads on the handlebars allow for advanced game play. Be any avatar or creature and explore large virtual worlds... under your own power!

    The VirZOOM Gaming System is available at www.virzoom.com.

    VirZOOM Arcade
    5 avatar worlds have countless evolving mini-games and challenges:

    Pegasus: Fly your Pegasus in a beautiful canyon. Don't forget to eat apples along the treetops to have enough energy to keep flying!
    Cowboy: You are the sheriff riding a horse in a western themed town. Lasso bandits as quickly as you can before they get away.
    Go Fast Car: You're a dog.. driving a racecar...? You betcha! Think Mario Kart meets F1 on steroids.
    Apache Helicopter: River run style game where you pedal your helicopter down the river collecting fuel, shooting at turrets as they look to take you down.
    Tank: Enter Winterstan - a multiplayer tank game. Explore rough terrain and work with your team to be the last tanks standing.
    • Arcade-style fitness games based on different avatars that are always evolving and designed to motivate you to pedal
    • Five different workout modes: Quick-play, Timed Workout, Custom Workout, Award Challenge, and Hotseat
    • Drop-in/drop-out, head-to-head network play
    • Weekly leader-boards and fitness stat tracking
    • New games and features patched in monthly for free

    PC Controller Emulator
    • Free to use: hookup the VirZOOM bike to existing PC based VR games that are optimized for VirZOOM
    • Maps bike data and VR inputs, including player lean, to virtual joystick controls
    • Currently compatible with Vive and Oculus games launched from Steam
    • Requires per-game configuration files, which users can setup and share, and which we’ll release for games which work well

    Free Strava Integration
    • Track your distance, heartrate, power usage, and average speed on the most popular biking mobile app
    • Set personal goals, and follow and challenge other Strava users

    Free SDK
    • Use to design your own games with VirZOOM
    • Initially available on Unity 5.4
    • Provides access to all bike data: pedal speed, pedal direction, pedaling resistance (set by user not game), 8 thumb buttons and 2 triggers, and heart-rate
    • Also provides patent-pending VirZOOM Player Controller, which translates player lean and pedaling into comfortable VR motion that suits a variety of avatars (including all of our own)

    VirZOOM is compatible with HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and Sony PlayStation VR.

  2. Hier erwische ich einen der ganz alten Threads. :ROFLMAO::LOL:
    Hier hat sich der Youtube User Stufco seinen eigenen kleinen Fuhrpark mithilfe des Unity Plugin zusammengebastelt.
  3. [VZFit für Oculus Go und Quest]

    Ich weiß Sport ist Mord aber mit VR kann es vielleicht mehr Spaß machen;)


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